Following the results of an international clinical trial, it was determined that the survival rates of Ewing sarcoma were superior in Germany than those in the UK.

It was purposed that this was due to the differing approaches being taken to treat this cancer; be that surgery or radiotherapy. To overcome this, the NEMDT (National Ewing’s sarcoma Multidisciplinary Team Meeting) was formed in 2011, following an international consensus meeting supported by the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

The NEDMT is a unique national forum set up to improve the treatment planning and choices made for Ewing sarcoma patients. This forum brings together clinicians and specialists from around the UK, on a fortnightly basis, to discuss the treatment management and plans for current patients. This ensures good practice and that patients are receiving the best treatment approaches possible to improve the survival rates of Ewing sarcoma patients in the UK.

Since the NEMDT pilot began in 2011, over 300 patients have been reviewed and it has been of benefit to both patients and clinicians; although this has not yet been proven. The NEMDT has further potential through audit and research to have a significant additional impact on outcomes for patients with Ewing’s sarcoma.

This project will review and analyse the available data from the previous meetings and promote a national collaboration with NEMDT stakeholders to make recommendations about and, if possible, pilot a system for improved data collection. The project will also incorporate an audit or research project involving the NEMDT with the aim of improving outcomes for patients and support the delivery of a second international consensus meeting about the treatment of Ewing’s sarcoma.

Dr Jessica Bate, a paediatric oncologist based at University Hospital Southampton, is being supported by The Ewing Sarcoma Research Trust and The Bone Cancer Research Trust to carry out this project. Dr Bate has been working hard to complete this fellowship while incorporating the voices of patient and carers to form a valuable advisory panel. Read more about this advisory panel meeting here.

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