Since The Bone Cancer Research Trust was formed in 2006, we have awarded over £2.4million to research focused solely on finding a cure for primary bone cancer. To date, we have funded 61 research project and continue to expand our research network, encouraging more researchers to focus their expertise on primary bone cancer.

We recognise that our ability to fund research is limited by our physical and financial resources. Therefore, we aim to maximise the impact of our grants by encouraging research that is likely to win support from larger funding bodies in due course.

We fund research in the UK and encourage national and international collaborative research. We believe there is great value in collaborative research and finding a cure depends on the cooperation of many experts, some of whom will have not worked in bone cancer research to-date.

We place special emphasis on:

  • Nurturing the careers of early-stage research staff with an interest in bone cancer research
  • Working with research teams to develop their research ideas through an innovative pilot grant scheme
  • Supporting proposals which are likely to win support from larger funding bodies
  • Encouraging collaboration between research groups
  • Encouraging interdisciplinary team work and partnership
  • Facilitating access to primary tissue and clinical data

The Bone Cancer Research Trust are dedicated to monitoring and communicating the progression and impact of our research funding to our wide audience of supporters. We hope that this will improve our supporters understanding of primary bone cancer research and the difference their donations are making.

To view our 2017-2022 strategy document in full, please click here.

We provide a full descriptive list of all of our 'Current Research Projects' and welcome you to Contact Us if you wish to know more about any of the research The Bone Cancer Research Trust is funding.

We receive no governmental funding and rely entirely on the support of the general public to continue to fund our incredible researchers. If you would like to learn more about our research process, please visit our 'For Researchers' section.