Despite being experts in primary bone cancer and the main benefactors of medical research, patients and their friends and families are rarely involved in the research process. It is now recognised that involving patients in the research process significantly enhances the quality of research and makes it more relevant to the people affected by this disease. We have made it our goal to break down the barriers between our research and patient communities bringing the two together. With this in mind, we are delighted to announce the creation of our Public and Patient Involvement Panel – PPIP.

The Patient and Public Involvement Panel with ensure that research funded by the Bone Cancer Research Trust will be carried it with the primary bone cancer community, rather than “to”, “about” or “for” them, ensuring that question being asked truly matter to patients. We hope that by ensuring patients are directly involved in the design of projects and can have open conversations with researchers they feel empowered to influence the direction of research and ownership and pride of the scientific achievements we make together.

If you would like more information about our Public and Patient Involvement in research initiative and how to become a member of the Panel please contact the Research Team or email directly at

Our Patient and Public Involvement in Research Guidance for Researchers can be downloaded here.