Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on large gatherings and events, we have had to cancel our two patient conferences for 2020. However, as an alternative, we have arranged for some of the informative speakers to come to you!

Completed webinars

MOVE Against Cancer - Gemma Hillier-Moses, founder of MOVE and cancer rehab specialist

Gemma takes us through the evidence behind the benefits of movement, physical activity and exercise when living with and beyond cancer as well as the available support to help you to take steps towards moving more.

Watch webinar here.

Squashing My Sarcoma - Krista Bose, medical student and former osteosarcoma patient

Krista (otherwise known as @squashingmysarcoma on Instagram), is a final year medical student in London. Krista’s life changed dramatically during a surgical placement in Prague, when she felt a pain in her left leg. She thought this could be put down to long periods of time standing in theatre. Krista went on to be diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Krista shares with us how it felt dealing with cancer treatment as a medical student, how her social media platform has supported her, what the future holds and the determination she has to spread awareness of primary bone cancer amongst other healthcare professionals.

Watch webinar here.

The Late Effects Clinic - Emma Hallam, specialist radiographer and co-founder of Late Effects Clinic at Nottingham City Hospital

Emma Hallam talks to us about the work of the award-winning Late Effects Clinic she set up and runs, together with her colleague, Liz Stones from Nottingham City Hospital.

The Late Effects Clinic is a bespoke service which aims to support people suffering with long-term effects from radiotherapy and chemotherapy, offering practical advice and signposting for different physical and psychological effects. These include bowel and bladder problems, infertility, osteoporosis, sexual dysfunction, pain management and psychological issues.

Watch webinar here.

Upcoming webinars

Proton Beam Therapy Centre | 13th August | 13:00 - 14:00

Mark Reed, specialist radiographer and key worker at the Proton Beam Therapy Centre at Christie Hospital, Manchester.

Mark's talk will include what the Christie offers as part of the proton beam service, an overview of the process involved in assessing patient eligibility, what the benefits of proton beam therapy are and what this means for the primary bone cancer community.

Charlene Young | 27th August | 13:00 - 14:00

Charlene Young, osteosarcoma survivor and member of Black Women Rising.

Charlene Young was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in 2011 aged 27. In addition to being diagnosed with a rare cancer, Charlene felt the impact of being diagnosed with osteosarcoma as a black woman.

To help Charlene to come to terms with her diagnosis as well as meet other black women who had an experience with cancer, Charlene became involved with Black Women Rising, a BAME support group in South London.

Charlene will be talking to us about the reality of being diagnosed with a primary bone cancer as a black female and how the word ‘cancer’ carries a heavy stigma within the black community.

Monika Siemicka | 10th September | 13:00 - 14:00

Monika Siemicka, specialist dietitian with extensive oncology and Teenage Young Adult experience.

Monika will be talking to us about the importance of nutrition and dietetic management during and after cancer treatment (including surgery).

Monika is also a media spokesperson for British Dietetic Association and is committed to providing evidence-based nutritional advice.

Becki McGuinness | 24th September | 13:00 - 14:00

Becki McGuinness, osteosarcoma survivor and founder of Cancer & Fertility.

Becki was not given the choice to preserve her fertility before her treatment for osteosarcoma in 2008 aged 21. Now 10 years in remission, Becki is passionate about raising awareness and lifting the taboo around fertility preservation and cancer.

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