In 2015, the Bone Cancer Research Trust undertook a large piece of stakeholder research which resulted in our published document 'Living with and beyond primary bone cancer'. This research looked at the views of primary bone cancer patients to understand a primary bone cancer diagnosis, treatment journey and life after treatment. The results of this project also helped us to form our 2017-2022 strategy and set our research priorities to ensure that they reflect the experiences of patients.

Our published report is now almost 5 years old and we are keen to continue this work so that patient priorities remain at the centre of everything we do.

Therefore, during October, we are working with The University of Sheffield Medical School on a research project focusing on patient experiences. During this month, as part of their undergraduate medical degree, a small group of medical students will be analysing our 2015 stakeholder report, picking out key issues and themes and will then engage with patients to understand the impact of a primary bone cancer diagnosis.

This project allows us to highlight the impact of primary bone cancer to the next generation of medical students, equipping them with a solid understanding on signs and symptoms of this disease.

If you are over 16, a current or past patient (or relative) and would like to take part in the project please complete the form below. The students will then be in touch to explain more about what is involved.

We will attempt to provide an opportunity for as many patients as possible to contribute, however, we have a limited time to complete this work and therefore cannot guarantee this. If you took part in the project in 2018 we thank you for your help during this work but ask that you do not sign up again.

This project has been given a favourable ethics opinion by The University of Sheffield Ethics Committee (Ref # 030207).

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