Upon learning I had a life-threatening tumor, I reviewed my past wondering if I was responsible for it. What had I done to cause this? What could I have changed? Those facing unexpected health issues often put themselves through such torture, going beyond the "why me" to "what have I done to deserve this?"

Before beginning the vigorous training required for Ironman, I consulted a nutritionist and made sure my diet was right. I went to a physiotherapist to check my core muscle strength. I hired a professional coach. I had a complete physical and blood analysis.

I knew I had done all the right things. Looking beyond my fear and uncertainty, I was able to begin letting go of guilt and self-doubt. How that horrid intruder breached my defences will forever remain a mystery. My best hope for recovery was to focus on learning what would help my body heal. I needed to design a plan of action and knew from my Ironman training I could and would do just that.

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