Ellis had been having pain in his leg around his knee for a couple of months.

He was a fantastic rugby player and was struggling during each game and we put it down to growing aches and pains.

We made an appointment to see his GP who sent him for an X-ray and bloods and then an MRI scan which identified a swelling in his bone.

Ellis had a bone biopsy in Newcastle and was then formally diagnosed with osteosarcoma, December 2019. He underwent months of chemotherapy; Cisplatin, Doxorubicin, and methotrexate and immunotherapy; Mifamurtide. The first few rounds of chemotherapy went ok and Ellis did really well but the hard part for me was seeing him lose his hair in the first few weeks.

He underwent limb salvage surgery in March 2020. He also had to have surgery following a fall a few months later and had dynamic hip screws fitted for a fractured hip.

Ellis always remained so brave and strong throughout.

Unfortunately, some of the negatives were the weight loss and mucositis. Ellis struggled with eating and had to have PEG feeding but he was unable to tolerate this and it always made him sick. He was put on TPN feeding and then had surgery to change his PEG to a jejunostomy. However, there were positives too. We were able to meet and speak with other parents on the ward and Ellis received excellent support and care on the ward. The staff were all truly amazing doctors, nurses, cleaners and the ward cook.

Ellis was given the all clear in December 2020.

We have had to make many changes to adapt to Ellis life. He is still unable to walk properly and uses crutches and a wheelchair. He needs support with daily living including bathing and showering. He is now back up to having a full appetite, but It took a while.

Ellis was always determined to beat cancer when he was told. He was so brave and strong throughout and been an inspiration to many.

He has had so much love and support which gave him the strength to keep up the fight.

Being told your child has cancer is the worst news and you never imagine it will happen to you. You think you won't be able to cope and get through it but somewhere inside you find the strength to do it.
Children are so resilient and if I'm honest Ellis gave me the strength to keep going.

You have to go on your own journey. It is great to be able to talk to other people in the same situation but don't compare your journeys as ever child is different. Don't give up, stay strong and always believe

We were very fortunate that Ellis was diagnosed early enough that his cancer hadn't spread. I hadn't even heard of children getting bone cancer until Ellis diagnosis. All I can say is follow your gut instinct, I knew something wasn't quite right but never imagined I would have been given the news of Ellis having cancer. Even the slightest change or worry just make an appointment with your GP.

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