Dolores, Emily's mother, shares her story

At 3 years old Emily developed a pain in the heel of her foot. She had been seen by the doctor but he was not unduly concerned. However she started to limp and the pain became unbearable especially at night. The doctor then referred her to the Temple Street Hospital in Dublin who referred her on to Cappagh Hospital where it was discovered little Emily Jane had Ewing sarcoma.

Emily was treated at Crumlin Hospital for Sick Children. She had 17 rounds of chemo and 20 radiations to the heel. The treatment lasted 1 year. Crumlin succeeded in getting Emily into remission for nine months. But during a routine x-ray the devastating news came that little Emily Jane had 10 tumours in her right lung and the hospital said nothing more could be done. It was terminal.

Emily still resided with her foster parents and it was a difficult time for me, as her birth mother. Emily Jane being the little fighter she was - coped very well, her foster parents took her to Disney world, Lourdes, and to see West Life. With the progression of the Ewing sarcoma Emily became paralysed and received palliative care. Again it was a very difficult time for all concerned. Emily was a joy and great crack during her illness and despite going through difficult treatment, she would look at everyone with her beautiful blue eyes and tell them not to worry she was going to be with the angels. She loved to choose her own clothes when out shopping. She loved music and dancing and loved looking after other little children on the cancer ward. She only complained the first time she had to put her arm out for her first needle. Then she got used to it and was very brave enduring it all with great courage and telling everyone she was fine and not to worry.

Little Emily passed away on the 3rd of August 2002 aged nearly 6 years after a long battle with Ewing's.

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