Gary's girlfriend Maria shares his story

After all the scans and tests it was confirmed that he had Ewing sarcoma. He went straight onto having radiotherapy and chemotherapy having to travel to Plymouth (from Helston) each time and stay there for the course of each chemo.

Even through all this travelling and the distance between friends and family he continued to smile and be brave. He was known for his infectious smile and laugh although the main reason you knew Gary was around was the sound of his car driving past! After three months of chemo it was his 21st birthday and we were desperately hoping he would come home for it as a surprise birthday had been planned but the hospital would not let him go due to his cell count so we took the birthday to him! He had a fantastic time playing 'pass the parcel' and singing songs after sucking the helium from all the balloons we took up. He was in a lot of pain from the needles that were stuck in him but he still had a massive smile on his face!

He was so brave and was always telling others that it would be fine and he wouldn't go without a fight. June and he was told the chemo was working well and he was going to have a break before they took him for surgery for his titanium prosthesis.

Everyone was delighted with this news and we started making plans for a holiday to celebrate and let him relax and recuperate. But no sooner had we booked the holiday did Gary fall ill again, everyday came more bad news, first it had grown rapidly, then no treatment would cure it. We were told the treatment would give him more time but due to the incompetence of the hospital giving him too much morphine he couldn't communicate with the doctors so they wouldn't start the chemo. By the time he had been weaned off the morphine the cancer had spread to his spinal cord and he had lost the ability to speak. Just 10 days after being told it was incurable Gary died aged 21, 6 months after being diagnosed. He is sorely missed by all his friends everyday.

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