John's mother and father share his story

During a visit to Copenhagen that summer, John became ill with Ewing sarcoma but the treatment was completely unsuccessful and he developed an additional two tumours. His biggest problem was the horrific pain in his right foot and leg.

He was treated for this cancer for a year and a half but nothing worked and he went rapidly downhill. John Alexander lost the ability to be on crutches and then even to be in his wheelchair. With the greatest bravery he fought this awful disease. Alongside him was his beautiful girlfriend Karina. He never gave up hope of beating the sarcoma. After a very difficult day he slipped away pain free and in total peace.

All the months of pain and cancer miraculously left his face and he really transformed into the most beautiful appearance. He was once again a beautiful young man, even in death. He loved beauty and style and had a wonderful charm. He loved fun. He is very sadly missed by his family. He was an only child.

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