Below her mum, Caroline, tells her story.

About a month before she was diagnosed, Katelyn was complaining of a sore leg. She then developed a limp. She was losing weight quickly and was tired all the time.

I contacted the GP but was unable to get Katelyn a face-to-face appointment because of the COVID rules. We were only able to talk to a GP over the phone, who told us to give Katelyn ibuprofen and use ice packs on her leg.

Nothing was working to help with the pain. Katelyn was still going to school at this point, and was so tired she was falling asleep in class. Katelyn told me that she needed to see a doctor.

I telephoned the GP again and was told that it sounded like growing pains. I demanded that Katelyn was seen face-to-face, and we finally got an appointment. The GP examined her leg and referred Katelyn to the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow straightaway.

Katelyn went for her appointment on 1st October 2021. She had four x-rays, and as they could see a smoky shadow on the x-ray, she also had an MRI scan the same day. On 6th October Katelyn had a biopsy, and on 12th October Katelyn was told the news that she had a 7cm osteosarcoma tumour in her right leg.

The tumour was around her knee joint, and the whole thing was heartbreaking to hear. The cancer had also spread to Katelyn's spine by the time she was diagnosed.

Katelyn started MAP chemotherapy (methotrexate, doxorubicin and cisplatin) within a few days of her diagnosis. In January 2021, Katelyn had rotationplasty surgery. This involved the surgeon removing the middle part of Katelyn's leg, where the tumour was located, and reattaching her lower leg to her thigh. The lower leg is rotated through 180 degrees so the ankle joint can function as the new knee joint.

Katelyn was given lots of information about the surgery and her different options. Mr Roderick Duncan, her surgeon, was absolutely amazing and I can't think him and the staff of ward 3C enough for all they have done for Katelyn.

Katelyn had more surgery following her surgery and was given the all clear in July 2022. Thankfully, because her chemotherapy was effective, she did not need radiotherapy on her spine. She required a lot of physiotherapy to get used to her prosthetic leg, but the staff at WestMARC (West of Scotland Mobility and Rehabilitation Centre) have been fantastic.

The chemotherapy that Katelyn had was awful and has left her with hearing damage. She has been offered a hearing aid, but doesn't want one.

When she was going through treatment it was so hard on the whole family. I was the only person who was allowed to stay with Katelyn because of COVID rules, and she was not able to see her two sisters.

Katelyn is only just 15 years old now. She has been through so much, but she's got her whole life ahead of her. Nothing stops her, she is a very outgoing strong girl.

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