Krystle's mother Patricia shares her story

In January 2001 she started complaining about a pain in her back so we sent her to the doctor who did not take it seriously at all.

Then on the 3rd of May 2001 a swelling appeared on her 9th rib; the doctor again said there was no cause for alarm. We had it x-rayed and the casualty officer on duty said there was nothing on the x-ray. So we had two medical people saying there was nothing wrong.

We didn't hear until the 13th June 2001 that something was very seriously wrong with Krystle.

Krystle was diagnosed on the 21st June 2001 with Ewing sarcoma, an aggressive cancer. Krystle was treated in St. Vincent's Hospital, Dublin with chemo: 6 rounds of Chemo.I.V.A.D. She finished this on the 31st October 2001 and she was called 9 weeks later for radiation treatment.

During the radiation treatment Krystle relapsed and no treatment was given and no drugs for the relapse. She died on the 15th March 2002, nine months after diagnosis.

Krystle fought a brave battle for such a young person, which would put strong brave men to shame. She was truly remarkable.

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