There are lots of ways that you can learn about the Bone Cancer Research Trust and support us too.

Primary schools

  • Tell your school about us! Have a look here so you can tell your teachers and friends all about the Bone Cancer Research Trust and what we do.
  • Nominate us as your Charity of the Year.
  • Ask your Head teacher to hold a family fun run in the school grounds. You can walk it, run it, or even whizz round on your scooter.
  • Get creative with our fun activity sheets. Download the latest sheet, and keep an eye out for new ones.
  • Hold a dress orange day/non uniform day.
  • Fundraise for us at your school summer fete.
  • Hold a lunchtime sponsored silence (always a popular choice with the teachers...)
  • Fill a jar with sweeties and ask for a donation to guess the amount. The nearest to the true amount wins the jar.
  • Hold a Teddy Bears' picnic with all your class (and their furry friends).
  • Hold a class Bake Off. Request one of our Bake It For Bone Cancer packs.

Sweetie jar challenge

Secondary schools

  • Hold a dress orange day/non uniform day.
  • Hold a '(school name)'s Got Talent' competition in your school hall.
  • Organise a sponsored walk/jog/run.
  • Bag pack at your local supermarket.
  • Hold an 'X-Factor' evening in your school hall.
  • Hold a sponsored fashion show, maybe ask the students to design their own pieces to showcase.
  • Hold a summertime It's a Knockout on the school field.
  • Hold a guess the baby competition (which teacher did that lovable 2 year old grow up to be?)