We catch up with Karen and Jane from our wonderful voluntary ball committee.


We have been Bone Cancer Research Trust supporters since our daughter Claudia died of bone cancer 11 years ago. We became friends of Roger and Gail Paul because our daughters met at Birmingham Children's Hospital. They both had Ewing sarcoma.

From a very personal perspective I'm looking forward to seeing family and friends gathered together in support of our gorgeous girl and the ongoing battle to research and provide better outcomes for those that are destined to have to deal with bone cancer. I should also say that I really like dancing!


My daughter, Hannah, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma when she was 25 in 2007. It was traumatic. As is quite common there was a delay in diagnosis and it was only a private scan that revealed the tumour in her right femur. She had limb salvage surgery (her right knee was replaced with a titanium prostheses) and extensive chemotherapy.

Whilst recovering from the surgery she heard that there was to be a conference about bone cancer and she was determined to go. I pushed her in her wheel chair to the back of the room and we heard heart breaking and yet uplifting words from all of the speakers. That is how we came to know about Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Ten years later we have attended many conferences; her brother, Joseph, and friend Dan have cycled across the USA to raise money for the charity; we have baked MANY cakes; Hannah has spoken publicly about her illness (including lung surgery 8 years ago when metastases were found in both lungs) several times and she is now a very proud Trustee of the charity.

The planning for the ball seems to be going well and is gathering momentum - a very enthusiastic group of project planners I would say! People are very supportive when they know about bone cancer but it is still a little known cancer - and certainly not understood for its devastating consequences on the sufferers and their families.

Most of all, I'm looking forward to seeing everybody having a good time! Harnessing all the energy, goodwill, hope and determination by turning it into cash for research to help find a cure.

Join us on Saturday 22nd July 2017 at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole from 7pm for an evening of spectacular entertainment! Our inaugural ball will take place in the evening following the 2017 Bone Cancer Conference, making it a wonderful weekend to remember. Book your tickets here now!