On the 9th of October we held our second Scottish Patient and Carer day where 6 patient representatives and Bone Cancer Research Trust Support Manager, Louise, travelled to Glasgow Royal Infirmary to host the day in collaboration with the annual Scottish Sarcoma Network Meeting.

As part of our strategic objectives we want to improve the access to primary bone cancer support for all patients, family members, carers and friends when and how they need it.

We understand that individuals in Scotland can sometimes feel greater social isolation. To improve access to support for patients in Scotland we are working alongside the Scottish Sarcoma Network at their annual meeting. Attendees who have been affected by primary bone cancer got to hear from healthcare professionals and researchers alike, while sharing their experiences with others in open discussions.

An excellent day. Very worthwhile, interesting and met some extremely lovely people. Thank you BCRT! - Osteosarcoma survivor

The day was split into two parts; a morning session for introductions, stories, updates from the Bone Cancer Research Trust and discussions on patient perspectives around diagnosis. The afternoon session then focused on long-term effects of primary bone cancer treatment and further discussions were made around issues former patients can face later on down the line.

My first year hosting the BCRT Patient Carer Day was an excellent opportunity to meet long term survivors of primary bone cancer and to understand better the support needs this group of former patients have, even 20 years down the line. Every aspect of support at individual stages is important and not to be overlooked. - Support Manager, Louise

The Scottish Sarcoma Network meeting, which is held quarterly at different locations across Scotland, allows Scottish sarcoma professionals to congregate and discuss key topics and objectives within their work as well as offering them the opportunity to connect with patients from the Bone Cancer Research Trust.

Open discussion between former patients is extremely important to help with the long term effects of bone cancer. The support we offer each other is second to none as we have had similar experiences. Information is easier to digest being given by someone who understands what you’ve been through. - Osteosarcoma survivor

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more or attending any of the Bone Cancer Research Trust's future patient and carer days across the UK. You can hear from our researchers, patients and healthcare professionals at our annual patient conference which be held in both Watford, London on 13th June and Ashton-under-Lyne, Manchester on 17th October. The Bone Cancer Conference is free to attend and you can register your place here.