Dr. Vinader, Research Manager at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, explains more about our newly launched Skills Development Grants.

Can you tell us about the Skills Development Grants?

The Skills Development Grants provide funding to researchers to travel to overseas and/or UK based laboratories, in order to carry out a research project, or develop a specific skill that can then be applied at their institution of origin.

The grant will help UK based primary bone cancer researchers, at all levels in their careers to travel and present their results at internationally recognised research conferences, whilst interacting with other researchers and establishing networks of collaboration.

Why do you think the grants are needed?

The Bone Cancer Research Trust Skills Development Grants will provide an opportunity for researchers to learn new techniques, skills and expertise, and to also cultivate international and national collaborations, all of which will enrich the primary bone cancer research community and potentiate collaborative research.

How do you think the grants will impact on the primary bone cancer research community?

Primary bone cancer is a very complex disease; these grants facilitate collaboration and communication between primary bone cancer researchers. From these exchanges and interactions, and by learning from each other, new ideas will arise, and collaborations will be forged that can really make an impact and advance primary bone cancer research.

How do the Grants contribute to the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s research strategy?

In line with our strategy, “The Biggest ever Commitment to Primary Bone Cancer”, the Bone Cancer Research Trust are committed to support and facilitate research into all aspects of primary bone cancer. We truly believe that by “working together” we can get closer to our vision of a world where primary bone cancer is cured.

Who can apply for a Grant?

All primary bone cancer researchers based at a recognised UK institution. There are no limitations based on career development stage, but applications from early career researchers are particularly encouraged.

You can find out more about our Skills Development Grants and how to apply by clicking here.