2020 marks 100 years since Ewing sarcoma was established as a distinct type of cancer by James Ewing, an America Pathologist from Pittsburgh. To mark this milestone and a century of discovery, the Bone Cancer Research Trust are holding its first ever International Ewing Sarcoma Symposium.

Earlier this year, the Euro Ewing 2012 clinical trial concluded. It confirmed the optimum chemotherapy regime on which to add new treatments for Ewing sarcoma patients. The trial was not only a success in terms of identifying a superior treatment, it demonstrated the importance of international collaboration. To ensure progress continued to be made in the development of new treatments, the Bone Cancer Research Trust responded with a new research funding call. As our priority is to continue funding the most innovative and pioneering research to improve outcomes for patients, we decided to open our recent Ewing sarcoma research grant call to the international community. In October 2020, for the first time in our history, we were delighted to award a research grant to an international laboratory.

To encourage further international collaboration, align strategic approaches and stimulate new research, we are holding our first ever International Research Ewing Sarcoma Symposium. The event, which is for the research and clinical community, will be hosted by Professor Sue Burchill, from the University of Leeds, and will take place virtually on 16th October during #BoneCancerAwareness Week 2020.

Zoe Davision, Head of Research, Information & Support at the Bone Cancer Research Trust said:

We believe collaboration is the only way to make significant progress for Ewing sarcoma patients. We are excited to see what research is currently underway and to develop new research plans for the future.

The event will include talks and pioneering updates from from 14 speakers, including key note speeches from Professor Jeff Toretsky (Georgetown University, USA) and Dr Didier Surdez (Institut Curie, France). The Bone Cancer Research Trust, in collaboration with the Ewing's Sarcoma Research Trust, will also be making an important announcement to the research and clinical community as part of the day.

This will be the Bone Cancer Research Trust's 5th symposium / workshop for primary bone cancer research. Previous events have proven to be incredibly successful, generating new ongoing collaborations and stimulating new areas of interest and research for primary bone cancer patients.

To find out more about the programme or if you are from the research or clinical community and would like to attend, please click below.

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