The Bone Cancer Research Trust strives to fund world-class research into the diagnosis, treatment and consequences, including late diagnosis, of primary bone cancer.

Our new strategy, Accelerating Research to Help More Patients Survive and Thrive, outlines our research priorities as we work towards more patients not only surviving their diagnosis, but experiencing a better quality of life both during and beyond treatment.

To achieve this, we have set out the next steps alongside our ten-year organisational strategy, in what is an exciting time for new medicine and technologies. Over this new strategic period, we will commit £10m to life-saving research.

Through our survey, focus groups and workshops involving over 1400 individuals, from patients and families to researchers and healthcare professionals, we have identified not only what needs to happen... but what needs to happen NOW.

Our pledge to you, the bone cancer community, is that over the next ten years we will:

  1. Deliver a comprehensive grant programme that will support research into every form of primary bone cancer.
  2. Keep patients at the heart of the research process through our Patient & Public Involvement Panel (PPIP)
  3. Ensure that all patients can contribute to research via sample donation and participation in clinical trials and biological studies
  4. Bring current research together by harnessing data, technology, and skills to combine our efforts and accelerate progress.
  5. Facilitate collaborative working, stimulate partnerships, and bridge skills gaps.
  6. Continue to support the next generation of bone cancer researchers.
  7. Ensure that all forms of primary bone cancer and tumour are represented in research, regardless of rarity.

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research, Information & Support at the Bone Cancer Research Trust, said:

I am so proud to unveil our new research strategy, which has only been made possible thanks to the commitment and dedication of our incredible supporters. Alongside setting out our next steps towards developing kinder, more effective treatments, this all-encompassing plan also features a number of patients who demonstrate why this research investment is needed now more than ever. I would like to say a huge thank you to every person that has helped shape our new strategy, your input has been invaluable to our next steps as we work towards more patients not only surviving, but also thriving, through the impact of research.

To read our new ten-year research strategy in full, click below.