Researchers from across Europe have come together to develop new guidance championing the collection of primary bone cancer samples to support vital research.

A lack of high-quality samples linked to clinical data poses a major barrier to much needed research into the underlying biological and genetic causes of primary bone cancer. However, patients and families express their overwhelming support for sample collection and willingness to generously donate blood and tissue samples to contribute towards future advancements.

Researchers at the University of East Anglia, Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology in The Netherlands, and Regina Margherita Children's Hospital in Italy, alongside a host of other researchers and clinicians from across Europe, sought to address this challenge by pooling their expertise and agreeing upon best practice for biological sample collection. It is hoped that this guidance will lead to greater availability of patient samples and improvements in processes for sample collection on an international scale, ultimately driving the research needed to identify kinder and more effective treatment approaches.

Sam Wick, former osteosarcoma patient and sample donor, said:

“By donating my tissue and blood samples I feel I am helping to contribute to finding more effective treatments and a potential cure for osteosarcoma and other bone cancers. I hope that this will help save others from having to undergo life changing surgery and treatment.

The Bone Cancer Research Trust are proud to have supported this important work through our commitment to facilitating international collaborations, as well as our ongoing, dedicated funding to support sample collection at the five specialist bone cancer centres in England.

Our support of vital consortiums, EEC (Euro Ewing Consortium) and FOSTER (Fighting Osteosarcoma through European Research) has brought together researchers and clinicians with wide-ranging expertise in primary bone cancer from across the world, collectively shaping this valuable framework for sample collection as well as a breadth of other ongoing research and collaborations.

Our Infrastructure Grants are central to our efforts to drive forwards pioneering, patient-centred research, so far facilitating the collection of over 12,500 samples and ensuring that patients have the opportunity to contribute towards research through sample donation. Find out more about this important funding below.

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