Even during this most challenging year, and thanks to the unconditional support of the bone cancer community, we are delighted to announce that we have now awarded 88 pioneering research projects.

We remain devoted to research into all forms of primary bone cancer and during 2020, our commitment to research grew by £360,000.

We are excited to report that as we embark towards our 15th birthday in 2021, our Grant Programme has now surpassed £4m!

2020 has seen the award of our first International Explorer Grant for Ewing sarcoma and our first Ideas Grants for chondrosarcoma and adamantinoma research.

Recruitment for our landmark clinical study ICONIC has reached over 50 patients and continues to make progress.

We continue to support a collaborative approach…

In 2020, we continued to foster collaboration among researchers and in partnership with Professor Susan Burchill form the University of Leeds, we hosted the first International Ewing Sarcoma Research Symposium.

The meeting took place in a virtual format and was attended by over 120 researchers from across the world. It showcased current results, acknowledged challenges, and identified areas for future research and collaboration. The conference concluded with the announcement of a new Bone Cancer Research Trust grant call for Ewing sarcoma research, provided in co-operation with the Ewing's Sarcoma Research Trust. We are looking for collaborative projects, involving researchers and/or clinicians based in the UK or abroad, that have a clear line of sight to patient benefit.

We finish the year with the announcement of another round of Ideas Grants unrestricted for research into any type of primary bone cancer!

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research, Information and Support, said:

This year, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have faced many challenges. Our vital research projects were paused, laboratories across the UK were forced to close, and some of our incredible researchers were reallocated onto essential testing for Covid-19.

But bone cancer did not stop… And neither did you! No matter what was happening around the world you kept on going, you continued raising life-saving funds, which meant, thanks to you, we’ve been able to fund new pioneering research, and now, as we see our researchers returning to the labs, they aim to turn those funds into new ground-breaking findings all made possible because of you!

We couldn’t do it without your generous donations…

To support research into bone cancer, become a Research Sponsor with us today and put 100% of your donation into what you care about - saving lives and finding a cure for this brutal disease. You can even select a specific form of bone cancer to sponsor!