The Bone Cancer Research Trust’s commitment to fund research focused on finding a cure for primary bone cancer continues to grow year upon year.

Since 2006, we have funded 128 pioneering research projects, a commitment totalling over £7.9 million.

We are extremely proud to announce that thanks to the tireless work of our supporters and through collaboration with other charities, in 2022, we have awarded 25 grants, representing our largest yearly commitment to primary bone cancer research yet - £2.6m!

We have funded a full range of projects addressing all types of primary bone cancer, from skill development grants to large research projects.

Our focus to nurture the next generation of primary bone cancer researchers remains strong and is exemplified by the award of our first Early Career Fellowship.

We have continued to support the 5 specialist Bone Cancer Centres in England through our Infrastructure Grants; to date, they have collected over 10,000 primary bone cancer patient samples to be used for research.

The grants awarded in 2022 support the research of 25 principal investigators, collaborating with 27 co-applicants and 34 collaborators from 27 academic institutions and hospitals.

We continue to expand our research network, in 2022 we facilitated collaboration among primary bone cancer researchers by organising 2 research symposia, focused on chondrosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma respectively that brought together over 130 researchers, surgeons and clinicians from across the world, to share progress and prioritise future research that can lead to improved outcomes for patients.

Patients remain at the heart of our research funding process. The Bone Cancer Research Trust Patient and Public Involvement Panel (PPIP) continues to grow, with already 35 members, actively involved in shaping research proposals and assisting our Independent Scientific Advisory Panel (ISAP) with their funding decisions, it ensures that all the research we fund is aligned with the priorities of primary bone cancer patients and their families.

Dr Zoe Davison, Head of Research, Support & Information at the Bone Cancer Research Trust shared:

We would like to thank our incredible community for raising vital funds and for making this year our biggest commitment to primary bone cancer. This wouldn’t have been possible without you!

As we progress in to 2023, we are excited to share that as part of our new strategy ‘More Patients Surviving. More Patients Thriving’ we will deliver a new and flexible Grant Programme that will support research focused on every form of primary bone cancer and tumour and facilitate the development of new clinical trials, committing £10 million to life-saving research over the next 10 years.

During 2022, we received applications for research funding amounting to £6.9m and with thanks to you, we committed £2.6m, this does however mean that £4.3m of vital research was left unfunded and that’s why we need your continued support in 2023 and beyond. With your help, together we WILL make a difference to patients and their loved ones.

To find out more about all our current research projects and open grant calls, please click below.